dimanche 2 septembre 2012

La Poste: a cloud-based mobile application for mail customers

Lastly, I had participate to Le Mobile 2012 Hackathon 1st edition organized by WIP Connector (Wireless Industry Partnership) as part of Le Mobile'2012 annual conference. The event was about building innovative mobile applications for the French Post Office and Auchan. As part of a three member team, we made a project for helping customers of French Post to track their mails and improving their experience.

After the event, we have been invited to the French Post headquarter to give a talk about our idea to a community of high managers from the IT and R&D departments. Here is the presentation (french):

 The idea behind this project is to allow users to track their sent and received postal mail with an application running on their smartphone.
We also imagined a new kind of postal stamp that contains a code bar and can be printed. First, sender scan the stamp code bar then fill a form that contains information about receiver.
Second, when he sends the letter he can notify the receiver through the system so that he/she get ready to receive the letter.
When post office receive the letter they update its state after each operation so that both sender and receiver get notified and updated with the new letter status.
Receiver can notify Post office, at anytime, about changes that must be considered for the delevery of the letter. For example, he may ask to change the address from its home to work address.
Finally, when letter is received and delivered to receiver, the sender is notified automatically.

We deveopped this idea during the two days of the event and the result consists of the following elements:

  • An Android client application for users, an old version was developed with jQuery Mobile.
  • An Android client application for Post employee.
  • An Arduino + IOIO + CodeBar Scanner prototype is developed to make a smartphone barcode reader with high accuracy.
  • A web application for the server side built on top of Google App Engine (J2EE).

The project code source can be found at GitHub.

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