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Deploying a Microsoft UCMA 3.0 application

Here are the main step needed for deploying needed infrastructure to get started with developping UCMA 3.0 (Unified Communication Managed API) applications:
  1. Create a Trusted Application Pool
  2. Assign a certificate to your application server
  3. Create a Trusted Application
  4. Create a Trusted Application Endpoint

Trusted Application Pool creation

The first thing to do is to create a pool for hosting UCMA applications that should be hosted in a different machine than the one used for hosting Microsoft Lync Server.
Open a Lync management shell and type following command:
New-CsTrustedApplicationPool -Identity -Registrar

New-CsTrustedApplicationPool –Identity ucma_3_app_server_fqdn_address -Registrar lync_server_fqdn_address -Site 1 -ComputerFqdn ucma_3_app_server_fqdn_address

Then run: Run Get-CsSite to get Site ID of current machine.
Certify the application with a certificate autority for a secure exchange between Lync Server and Application Server. Example:

Request-CsCertificate -New -Type Default -FriendlyName "MyUCMAApp_SERVER_FQDN_ADDRESS" -CA active_directory_server_fqdn_address\certificate_autority_name -ComputerFqdn ucma_server_fqdn_address -DomainName "ucma_server_fqdn_address"

Then keep the thumbprint number displayed after issuing the previous comdlet, and type:
Set-CsCertificate -Type Default -Thumbprint

Then, you can register the UCMA application:
New-CsTrustedApplication -ApplicationId -TrustedApplicationPoolFqdn -Port
New-CsTrustedApplication –AppIicationId MyUCMAApp –TrustedApplcationPoolFqdn ucma_server_fqdn_address -Port 6000

Finally, we need to inform the rest of servers about these changes this way:

Registering the Application Endpoit

To register an endpoint on the local server that will be used by the application to connect to Lync, use the following command:
New-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint -ApplicationId -DisplayName -SipAddress -TrustedApplicationPoolFqdn
Example of usage:
New-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint –ApplictionId MyUCMAApp -DisplayName “my UCMA App” -SipAddress sip:myucmaapp@ucma_server_fqdn_address -TrustedApplicationPoolFqdn ucma_server_fqdn_address

Here is some projects based on Microsoft Lync and UCMA API.

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