jeudi 9 mai 2013

Stuff for Android

Build systems

Buck by facebook: a build system for Android that encourages the creation of small, reusable modules consisting of code and resources. Not yet supported on windows !
It was presented by Simon Stewart at GTAC 2013 (Google Test Automation Conference) How Facebook Tests Facebook on Android.

Gradle Android build, a presentation will be held on Google IO.

Open source libraries

Android Bootstrap A presentation about common libraries.

Testing rocks debuging sucks

AndroidMock a framework by Google for mocking Android interfaces/classes based on EasyMock syntax.
BoundBox provides access to all fields, constructor and methods (public or not) of a Class for Unit-testing without having to modify the latter.

Design patterns

Libraries for the Action bar UI design patter:
Object Pool pattern for better performance: discussion,, a sample.

User Interface Design

  • Blur effect for Android design (just like in the Path app).
  • How to make the ChatHead feautre as available on the Facebook Messenger.
  • A blog post describing how to make counters on the navigation drawer.

Random stuff

Sample downloader by commonsguy showing the using of handlers/messanger to communicate between Service and the main thread.
User authentication.
Which IDE: eclipse vs InteliJ.
The dumpsys commands with Android adb

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