dimanche 7 avril 2013

Some podcast radios

The following are some cool Podcasts about development on different technologes: Java, Android, etc.

Software Engineering Radio usually performs interviews with authors or professionals from different backgrounds in software engineering (development, databases, Java technology). This radio is sponsored by the IEEE Software magazine.

Android Weekly performs a weekly review of Android news from new Apps to insights from Google

Android Devcast a serie of french podcast by PAUG (Paris Android User Group) on everything concerning Android development.

Java Posse performs good news cast about Java technologies (and even Scala), frameworks and the JVM. Some Googlers are part of the host.

Lostcast is a podcast by two indie game developers that talk about their experience with HTML5 based games development, advanced technics, interviews with industry pioneers.

Talking Big Data is hosted by IBMer David Pittman, it addresses everything related to Big Data, analytics and related technologies.

Hacker Public Radio is hosted by a long list of members and has the particularity of having the content produced by the community of listeners, the radio abords different areas especially on the open source community (conferences or projects news, etc.).

You can find more by visiting this StackOverflow thread. or on Vogel's blog.

All these podcasts can be found on podbay.fm, there you can also find more podcast radios.

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