R&D projects

Sentiment analysis for facebook comments

Web-based Conferencing solution
The project won the third prize in the 2012 OW2 Programming Contest.
Keywords: WebRTC, WebSocket, HTML5, Canvas, Javascript, pdf.js, Java/J2EE, Whiteboard, Chat, 

An open source implementation of Multipath TCP (MPTCP) on NS-3 (Linux, C++).
The open sourced code was used by many researchers from around the world: US (California), Japan, Finland, Korea, etc.
Here is a link to the project active discussion group.

CATkit (Context-Awareness Toolkit)
A toolkit for simulating real world environement where sensors are deployed to collect contextual information and provide them to third party applications.
This toolkit can be integrate with real context management frameworks for simulating sensors.

Hackathon projects

LemonWash: a mobile application for car wash service
LemonWash is an Android application (with a back-end built with PHP) for requesting car wash service directly from the car.
The project is the winner of Parrot's Asteroid Hackathon, May from 11st to 13th, 2012, Paris.
Parrot's Asteroid is the first car receiver with web service apps, voice recognition and hands-free telephone.
Asteroid OS is Android 1.5 API level 3, this car receiver supports Andorid application just like Android smartphones. 

La Poste: a mobile application for mail service customers
This project was built during Le Mobile 2012 hackathon and proposed a mobile application for improving the experience of mail service customers. Two smartphone applications were developed for both the mailman and the customers. Also, a cloud-based application for managing mails at the Post mailroom.

Picstorm is an intuitive system for storing, sharing and synchronizing pictures in real-time among the participant of a same event. The solution is based on mobile technologies (Android, NFC, QR code) and for the back-end (storage and cloud to device push notification).

TerroirCaisse is a free application on Google Play, it gives you everything you need to know about traditional and local makers in Provence!
TerroirCaisse allows you to view the list of local makers, search for the nearest one or based on its category (e.g. milk), locate them on a map, and share their information via social networks (e.g. Twitter).
The application is Made in Provence. It uses up to date data about local makers provided as OpenData by 'Bouches-du-Rhône Tourisme'. 

The application allows users to create mémé from a snapshot of a video. Dailymotion API are used to search for videos (according to user keywords) and disply the chosen video to user. Then at any moment the user can take a snapshot of the current displayed frame from the video, add text on it to share the resulting drawing (also called Mème) on social networks (e.g. Twitter).

Toy projects

DroidTranslator is a sample application that explores the Android Speech API (Speech to Text and Text to Speech) to translate user voice message between different languages.

Search Engine for Coupons
A web application that adds a social layer above to a search engine that crawls and aggregate a couple of collective or group buying sites. It brings a social experience to users when looking for coupons. This experience is provided by allowing user to request his/her friend opinion about a particular set of coupons, or by notifying him that a friend or a contact did take a particular coupon.

More at Github.

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